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A Host-pathogen Interaction and Translational Science (HITS) Laboratory 

Our research focuses on understanding our body's defense mechanisms against pathogens and translating that knowledge into innovative vaccine and immunotherapies


"Super bug" Candida auris 

C. auris has emerged globally and is associated with a high mortality rate (60%). C. auris infections are more frequent in immunocompromised, hospitalized patients harboring indwelling medical devices (e.g. central venous catheters). Many of the C. auris isolates are resistant to all clinical available anti-fungal drugs.  The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared C. auris as one of the “Urgent Threat Level” pathogens in its 2019 Antibiotic Resistance Threats Report. Moreover, hardly anything is known about the virulence mechanisms of C. auris

Singh HITS Lab is using cutting-edge bioinformatics, immuno-proteomics, and molecular biology approaches to identify novel C. auris surface proteins and study their role in virulence. The selected antigens will be developed as vaccine candidates using advanced mRNA-based vaccine technologies. We aim to provide alternative therapeutic vaccine /immunotherapy to combat MDR C. auris infections. 



Shakti Singh, MS, PhD

Investigator | Assistant Professor (View Profile

PhD, Experimental Surgery (Immunology)

2009 - 2015, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Postdoctoral Fellow 

2016 - 2017, National Cancer Institute (NIH), Frederick, MD, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Scientist

2017 - 2022, The Lundquist Institute, Torrance, CA, USA

Eliciane C. Mattos

Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Ph.D. Biological Sciences


University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil

Haley Hautau

Research Assistant

B.S., Microbial Biology  


University of California, 

Berkeley, CA

Derek Quintanilla

PhD Student  (on rotation) 

B.S., Biological Sciences  


University of California, 

Santa Barbara, CA


Kayleigh Fort 

Research Trainee 
June 1 -Aug 15, 2023

B.S.; Molecular Environmental Biology


 University of California, Berkeley, CA

Tatiana Liang

June 20 -Aug 4, 2023 

High School Summer Research Intern

The Lundquist Institute Summer Fellow 2023


Key Research Articles


Implications and applications in vaccines and immunotherapies

Year: 2022 

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Year: 2016 

ISSN 1664-8714. 

ISBN 978-2-88919-811-5 

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Chapter: 216. Candidiasis 

Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 

20th Edition, Year : 2019

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Chapter 211 Digital Extra: Candida auris: An emerging multi-drug resistant Candida species 


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Chapter 4: Future of Adenoviruses as Vaccine Vector 

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First Edition, Year : 2018

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Chapter 3:  Data Mining in Nutrigenomics 




The Lundquist Institute

at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

1124 West Carson Street

Medical Research Building (MRL)

Torrance, California 90502

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